Below are four videos from the Fire Equipment Manufacturer Association (FEMA) that can go a long way in educating you on the best fire safety practices.

How to Use Portable Fire Extinguishers

Your First Defense When Disaster Strikes

Standpipe Rack Hose System Fire Protection

UL 300 – Protecting Commercial Restaurant Kitchens From Fires

Informational videos that demonstrate and visually explain fire safety systems

Ansul, Badger Range Guard, Buckeye walk-through videos

Ansul Fire Suppression System

Range Guard Fire Suppression System

Buckeye Fire Suppression System

KEC Cleaning Walk-Through

LEHAVOT KITCHEN SHIELD – Fire Suppression System for Kitchen

Types of fire extinguishers

How Fire Sprinklers Work

How to Operate a Fire Extinguisher

NFPA Videos

Grilling Safety

Emergency Lights

Amusement Park / Haunted House Fire Protection

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