Commercial fires are unpredictable and often costly. When safety of a building is compromised, both property, and more importantly, lives, are at risk.

As a building owner, you should protect your building and its occupants through a balanced fire protection plan. Such a plan will ensure that you don’t depend on a single source for fire defense.

To best protect property and building occupants, you should install multiple fire equipment safeguards, including standpipe hose systems.

Commercial buildings rely on sprinklers, but they would do better to include a standpipe hose station.

A standpipe hose system is a combination of

      • A fire hose rack,
      • Fire hose, a nozzle, and,
      • A valve.

The system ensures:

      • Fast response in fire emergencies.
      • Fire safety features to building occupants and fire safety professionals.
      • A means for manual application of water to fires and buildings.
      • Effective fire fighting in the incipient stage, often extinguishing fire before automatic systems activate.


How to operate a Standpipe hose system


A standpipe hose system can be activated and operated by one person.

  1. Open the valve completely.
  2. Pull hose entirely off rack and tag, or water will not blow
  3. Open nozzle. Water will flow when hose is entirely off rack and nozzle is open.

This equipment does not depend on heat, smoke, or flame to spread, before water can be applied to the fire.


Why install a standpipe hose station in your building


One of the main benefits of a standpipe station is that it will provide you total reliability as part of a layered fire protection plan.

Fire hoses, installed with stand pipe stations, can actually minimize water damage. This is because you can apply water directly at the fire base versus indiscriminate spray from automatic systems. In addition, you can shut off the system immediately after extinguishing a fire.

For building occupants, leaving the building quickly isn’t always an option during a fire. If you have a standpipe fire hose station, you will provide occupants with a clear pathway and to safety.


Who should install standpipe hose stations


The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association recommends standpipe hose stations for commercial structures including but not limited to:

      • Office buildings
      • Dormitories
      • Schools
      • Air Force
      • Apartment complexes
      • Hotels
      • Eldercare facilities
      • Correctional facilities hospitals
      • Industrial plants
      • Retail malls
      • Anywhere fire department response time exceeds five minutes
The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association is a trade association led by industry experts representing the premier global brands in commercial fire protection.Committed to saving lives and protecting property, one of the Association’s key initiatives is to provide educational opportunities.

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